On Show – selects:

2007 - Galerie Cometer Solo Show - Boy on Safari 
2008 - Galerie Persiehl und Heine - various group and Pop Up Shows
2009 - Galerie Persiehl und Heine - Solo Show - Ciel Lourd 
2010 - AIPAD New York with Galerie Stockeregg
         - Galerie Stockeregg Solo Show - Boy on Safari and Ciel Lourd
         - Wunderkind Flagship Store Berlin Solo Show for the Collection 2010 Fall Winter
         - Carrousel de Louvre - Wunderkind Fashion Show tailored from the series Boy on Safari 
2012 - Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection - Relief Crystal und Rieussec works
2013  - Galerie Bernheimer München - The Art of Platinum - Group Show
          - Paris Photo with Galerie Bernheimer
2014 - Galerie Bernheimer 150 Years - Group Show - Artist Proofs
         - Galerie Bernheimer Luzern - The Art of Platinum - Group Show
         - Bad Gastein Kunstsommer - Lumiere Platine - Solo Show 
         - Cologne Fine Art - Platinum Works with Galerie Persiehl und Heine
2015 - Art Karlsruhe - Platinum Works  with Galerie Persiehl und Heine 
         - Photo London - Artist Proofs with Galerie Bernheimer
         - Galerie Bernheimer - Summertime - Group Show - Ultramarine

         - Paris Photo - Ultramarine with Galerie Bernheimer

2016 - Deyrolle Paris - À La Croisée des Mondes - Solo Show

         - Galerie Bernheimer - Fragile Welten - Solo Show

         - Cologne Fine Art - Platinum Works with Galerie Persiehl und Heine

         - Galerie Persiehl und Heine - Bright Days ahead 16 - Group Show

2017 - Art Karlsruhe - Platinum Works with Persiehl und Heine

         - Photo London - Color Works with the Michael Hoppen Gallery

         - Positions Art Fair Berlin - Platinum Works with Persiehl und Heine

         - Paris Photo - Color Works with Galerie Bernheimer 

         - Cologne Fine Art - Color Works with Persiehl & Heine

         - Galerie Persiehl und Heine - Bright Days ahead 17 - Group Show

2018 - Art Karlsruhe - Color Works with Persiehl und Heine

         - Photo Basel - Platinum Works with Persiehl und Heine 

         - Positions Art Fair Berlin - À la Couleur with Persiehl und Heine

         - Paper Positions Munich - Platinum 1of s  with Persiehl und Heine

         - Galerie Bernheimer Lucerne - 5 Year Anniversary - Group Show

2019 - Art Karlsruhe - Platinum Works with Persiehl und Heine 

         - Galerie Bernheimer - In the Absence of Colour - Group Show

         - Photo Basel Color Works with Galerie Persiehl und Heine 

         - Museum Sinclair Haus - Flügelschlag - Group Show

         - Paper Positions Frankfurt - Ultramarine and new Microtype with Persiehl und Heine

         - Positions Art Fair Berlin - Moda works with Persiehl und Heine 

„Through the precious worlds and their secrets, that you are tracing for us and you are taking us on a journey with, you teach us a new way of seeing, you teach us to take a closer look, to hold on and wonder. You also teach us to become more sensitive, careful and cautious with everything that surrounds us, which is so fragile and can disappear forever just within a wing beat of a butterfly or a blink of an eye. I always feel in your works a trace of melancholy and a longing for original innocence, of a deeper beauty, which lies underneath the surface. During the preparations for the exhibition I have been often reminded of Paul Klee’s works, who said “Art does not reproduce the visible but renders visible”. Having a look on your works of the last 10 years, I want to tell you, that for me you became a Paul Klee, who observes and draws through the camera telling us of distant times, worlds and spaces, and even of eternity.” (Dr. Martina Kral, curator Collection Rosengart, Lucerne June 2016)


Animal exploring the zoological world